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ABC Merit Choice

The ABC Merit Choice® insurance program encompasses both an insurance agency and an association-based insurance trust. Members who choose ABC as their insurance provider receive outstanding support and value-added services. ABC Merit Choice exclusively serves members with insurance and fringe benefit solutions that are objective and resource-based. These solutions include benefit programs, incentive-based programs, health and welfare programs and related services. Member companies rely on ABC to administer programs that help them attract and retain employees, so their companies can enjoy continued growth and profitability.
For more information, contact ABC Merit Choice at 800-621-2993.

Workers Compensation

Through CareWorks Consultants, Inc (CCI) ABC Central Ohio members are offered multiple savings levels, ranging from the BWC maximum to a lesser percentage, for companies with claims.  

For more information, or for a no-cost, no-obligation quote of your potential premium savings, contact Beverly Westover, the ABC Central Ohio CCI program manager at 800-837-3200 ext. 57169.

FCCI Insurance Group

FCCI Insurance Group provides commercial property and casualty insurance.  More than that, FCCI creates partnerships and keep promises that allow ABC Central Ohio member businesses to grow and succeed, knowing risks are managed and claims will be resolved fairly.
Founded in 1959, FCCI has retained their guiding principles of accountability, integrity, fairness and service. And because they are financially strong and mutually held, they provide long-term stability and security their customers can count on.
Comprehensive coverage and services are available through independent agent members of ABC Central Ohio.  For more information contact:

Brian Haughn
Haughn & Associates
Joe Urquhart
Vice President
Overmyer Hall Associates

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